Social Media Primer

There is a big push right now for internet marketers to engage in social media. I agree it is very important (and will eventually become a requirement to be competitive) but it should be done cautiously and probably with the help of people who are familiar with the social media culture.

Compared to traditional branding, social media moves like lightening. A misstep can reshape your brand in a matter of hours. And the old all highly positive BS that is acceptable in traditional marketing doesn’t fly here. If you or your boss is one of those who fears adding reviews and ratings to your site because a product might get a bad review, don’t wade any deeper into social media.

Like with reviews if it is presented too positively people will assume it’s fake. A realistic engagement, to the point of being a bit gritty perhaps, is often required. In social media you need to be real. You need to let people see some of the blemishes. The term that is used now is transparent. There can be some real risks in walking the line between true transparency and brand control. And control is the key here. In social media you have very little Keep in mind mistakes made in social media are not easily retracted.

If you chose to engage in social media you will need to monitor the space constantly. You will need to have Google alerts set up for all branded terms as a minimum and there are other monitoring services available.

Everyone in marketing will eventually need to be involved with social media but be very careful. Venture in slowly and don’t be afraid to ask for help.


~ by contrarythought on October 7, 2008.

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